• Good Sort of the Month – August 2014

    On a sunny Sunday afternoon in August, Heather gave up a couple of hours of her time to come along to Avondale Primary School and help create a community garden for the school. This was a really busy time for… Read More

  • Weekend Project Review – 17/8/14

    On Sunday, August 17, Grace, Chris and Heather spent the afternoon at Avondale Primary School helping to start up a community garden for the school. We helped the school’s Garden Educator, Jo, to prepare the garden for planting by… Read More

About Us

Mission Statement
Making service a part of the student lifestyle by inspiring and activating students to be the change in their community.

FACE Values

Fulfillment, Ambition, Collaboration, and Empathy.


The UC Student Volunteer Army actively encourages students to volunteer within their community. Following the creation of the SVA, after the September 2010 Christchurch earthquake, over 11000 students were involved in city wide clean-up and support. The SVA continues to play an important role within the community providing assistance to those in need, supporting community groups and projects, and giving students volunteering opportunities. The SVA is the second largest club on campus with over 1400 members, so you’re sure to make lots of new friends and connections once you get involved. Our motto ‘Be the change’ describes how we aim to help students become involved with volunteering and to provide events at UC which have a positive impact.


This year we will be spreading happiness around UC once again with our Random Act of Kindness Week in which there will be free things, good deeds and general hilarity! Another big event to look forward to is Connect the Community which will end on a high note with a huge BBQ and a decent bar tab! SVA’s other events include: helping out with the Color Run,  5 Years Since the Quake Dinner (a posh affair), a SVA Soiree every fortnight, and various Weekend Projects.


The SVA has won many awards for its service as a club at UC. SVA has been awarded the Best Community Contribution award two years in a row now, at Supreme Clubs Awards in 2013 and 2014. Additionally in 2014 the SVA President Bridget Williams was awarded Outstanding Contributions to Clubs Award for her wo years of service. All of these awards are voted for by the students of UC which just goes to show the positive change that SVA is creating at UC and in the Christchurch community.

Be the change!

If you need help with a project or anything, feel free to get in touch with us via Facebook or you can email [email protected]

Alternately, if you want to sign up to get involved here


HUGE THANKS from the organisation team for your MASSIVE efforts over the past few months. We are continually overwhelmed by the love, support, and dedication of so many people from so many different parts of the world. THANK YOU.


Good Sort of the Month! – July 2014

The SVA team helped solo mum of three with moving house. Removing unwanted couches and transporting kids play equipment to a new home. The call was made in the morning on the Friday, the word was spread around… Read More

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Good Sort of the Month! – May 2014

Duncan Cotterill… not only is this a leading law firm but they are leading volunteers! These good sorts made Connect the Community happen by sponsoring that great event on the 17th of May. Not only did they sponsor… Read More

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